CG Masters Academy – Vehicle Design: Sci-Fi Ship

5 Lessons With Project Files MP4

After generating concepts for the Entertainment Industry for many years now (Movies: Inception, the Hunger Games, The Amazing Spiderman and games such as Guild of Wars just to mention a few). Paul has adopted several techniques that he has come to count on to get him over the hurdles of a high-demand production. He will be taking the viewer through his Concept Design process step-by-step, with an emphasis on 2-D (some 3D will be utilized). As he designs a Science Fiction Vehicle, he will make clear his internal thought process and allow the viewer to see the design appear from the void of the white page to a final resolved fantastical Science Fiction Space Ship. Such concepts can be applied to any type of vehicle design.

This workshop is almost 3 hours long, full of bonus content. As he designs and illustrates this Sci-Fi Vehicle he will generate: thumbnails, orthographic views, and plans, along with a quick overview on how to integrate 3d into your Concept-Illustration pipe-line. He will provide discussions and hand-outs which will give participants further clarity to the fundamentals expressed in this demo.

He will provide an overview of the fundamentals of perspective and how to apply it to draughting your design.
The importance of generating thumbnails and establishing quickly strong ideas for clients.
How to creatively refine your design through research and inspiration and how to keep your ideas evolving along the way.
Bonus integrated content: How to use google SketchUp software and rendering techniques.



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