CGSociety – Destruction in Houdini

8 Week Course Project Files Included MP4

With its procedural workflow, Houdini 13 is the tool of choice for high-end studios doing complex destruction work. By the end of the course you’ll understand why and be able to build your own complex RBD sims. After a brief look at all the different solvers available in Houdini 13 (including FEM) we’ll focus on the bullet solver. Over the last few years the bullet solver has dominated RBD simulations for speed, stability and its ability to deal with a staggering number of objects and constraints.
Starting with simple examples, each week you will build your knowledge and build up the complexity of your simulations. Node based software is ideal for dealing with the level of complexity demanded by this type of work.
By its nature Houdini is extremely flexible and open, allowing any FX TD to take on a research and development role making tools to run complex simulations. However, without guidance it can be easy to get overwhelmed and lost.
With over 13 years of experience Pav Grochola (Edge of Tomorrow, Amazing Spiderman 2, Harry Potter, Ghostrider) will take you from the basics of RBD destruction to build your own large scale destruction shot for your reel and have the knowledge to confidently tackle almost any destruction shot.

The course will cover:

Basic physics and Houdini’s RBD solvers
Bullet workflow
Packed primitives
Sop solvers
Attribute and points wrangle nodes
Advanced network constraints
Secondary sim elements
Debris emitters
Particle and smoke simulation
Advanced fracturing techniques (how to avoid “that voronoi look”)
Techniques for effective model preparation
Rendering with displacement detail
Trouble shooting and optimization

Download RG
Download NF

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