Digital Tutors – Linear Workflow Strategies in MARI

Length 54m With Project Files MP4

With the emergence of physically accurate shaders and lighting in the film and game industries, linear workflow has emerged as sort of a buzz word in the community.

Typically, linear workflow impacts the rendering artist and beyond in the production pipeline but it will only benefit texture painters to use a linear workflow when painting their textures if they know the textures will be rendered using one.

In this MARI tutorial, we won’t be painting an asset step by step but rather exploring the tools for implementing a linear workflow in MARI. We’ll start by learning how the sRGB and linear color spaces differ. From here we’ll learn how to create projects in MARI for use with linear workflow.

Next we’ll learn about MARI’s implementation of color management and then about some important considerations for painting textures using a linear workflow. Finally we’ll wrap this course up by learning how to export 8 bit and 32 bit textures out of MARI.

After finishing this MARI training, you should be ready to start implementing linear workflow in your own texturing projects.

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