Digital Tutors – Physically Based Shading for Unity Using Substance Designer

Length 3h 49m With Project Files MP4

In this Substance Designer and Unity 5 tutorial we’ll learn how to create physically based shaders (PBS) for Unity 5.

Additionally, we’ll look at what it takes to create a PBS materials and how to author the necessary textures for them. We’ll start by using props created originally for Camouflaj’s Republique and talk about the differences of how to author materials using Metal-Gloss vs. Specular-Gloss workflows.

Along the way we’ll use 3ds Max along with Headus to lay out our UVs followed by authoring our PBS’s in Substance Designer. By the end of this Substance Designer training you’ll have a solid understanding of the workflows that are required to create content using Physically Based Shading.



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