CMIVFX – Houdini Animation Principles

Length 4h 21m With Project Files MP4

Watching this video will help you become one of the top animators in the VFX industry by unlocking the secrets of Houdini’s node-driven system. The node-driven system at the core of Houdini represents the most powerful set of animation and effects tools in the market today. It’s no wonder that so many animation and VFX houses have made Houdini a core of their visual effects pipelines. However, Houdini’s node system is often overlooked for character animation because of its perceived complexity. We will peel the layers away and reveal some of the most useful and flexible tools available to the character animator. This video is geared to train everyone and anyone in the Computer Graphics and Visual Effects industries. The principles of animation are well established, and have worked since the early days of animation. If you doubt that you have mastered these principles completely, then this video is for you, even if you do not use Houdini as your tool of choice. This video is extremely agnostic to any particular features, but makes great use of the node-based tools that made Houdini famous.



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