Udemy – Learn Linux: Become an UNIX Master

Udemy – Learn Linux: Become an UNIX Master

Course Description

This is your Linux 1 course inspired by all the good hackers on the Internet. You will learn everything you need to know in order to understand the operating system, do most of what you want to do with the command line, and be ready to learn more advanced techniques. You will know how to setup your own Apache web server, and how to change your system’s configuration (even if you need to find what you’re looking for) as just a couple of the many examples of things you will be able to do once you learn these foundational commands.

This course isn’t full of filler content, and it won’t take up all your time. It’s right to the point giving you the information you need to get things done. Learn Linux TODAY! With about 70 minutes of lessons you will be able to walk Linux, and then later run. You should take this course if you know what you want to do and know that you’re typing commands, but don’t have the time right now to learn every little detail of the system. This course is the fastest way for a savvy computer user to get up to speed doing what they need to do in Linux!





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