CartoonSmart – Everything iOS9

Length 7h With Project Files MP4

This series of videos will focus on iOS9-related topics, but even more specifically, Swift 2 and Sprite Kit. We’ve assembled some of the most common non-gaming topics, that our loyal game developers might want to know to enhance their game or app. As this course is right on the bleeding edge of Apple technology, we’ve tested it for both iOS and tvOS. So unless noted, these tutorials apply to tvOS as well!

There is no recommended viewing order for these topics, so buyers or subscribers can jump right into whatever topic suits your needs! Highlights include…

  • In-App Purchasing for Consumable and Non-Consumables
  • Game Center for Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Accessing the Camera / Camera Roll to use Photos in Games or Apps (iOS only)
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Keyboard Input, Property Lists, NSUserDefaults and much more!




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