Pluralsight – PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit 2016 Sessions By Anthologies (2016)

Length 26h  MP4

Explore advanced tips and tricks from leading PowerShell experts and core PowerShell product team members in these in-depth sessions from the PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit 2016.

Every year, brings together leaders from the PowerShell community, PowerShell enthusiasts, and members of the core PowerShell team at Microsoft for the PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit, three days of deep dives and networking. This course presents the sessions from the 2016 Summit. Explore automation strategies and techniques, PowerShell module development best practices and workflows, and learn about what’s coming next from PowerShell product team members. Through these sessions, you’ll learn advanced features of the tools that you either use day today, or should be using.

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