CINEMA 4D Semi-unbiased Rendering Tutorial

Length 2h 6m With Project Files MP4

This tutorial will definitely change the way you see rendering at CINEMA 4D and can sometimes totally substitute all main render technologies and features CINEMA 4D offers, because it can play a role of a true physical based rendering engine, but still pretty fast engine. It´s already here with tons of cool features and endless possibilities, such as highly-advanced multi-pass, natively-supported features like Mograph, instances, physical caustics and so on.

Hello everybody

This new tutorial I created is about the rendering in CINEMA 4D. Yes, I know, almost all of us use at least one external rendering engine, but CINEMA 4D offers many really great rendering technologies. However beyond that, we’re always on the lookout out for more advanced techniques that provide much more realistic looking pictures. It´s the main reason why so many external rendering engines exist. Just take this list, it´s full of interesting solutions such as: Arnold, VRay, Octane, Corona, Thea, Indigo, Furryball, Iray, etc.
The tutorial features:

Absolutelly unique rendering semi-unbiased approach in CINEMA 4D!
More than 2 hours of very advanced rendering techniques!
The full semi-unbiased “Kid Bike” project is included!
The Tube project also includes all commonly used illumination setups such as lights, AO and GI
Two simple caustics projects are included
Also covers a post-production process (primarily using BlackMagicDesign Fusion, though you may also use any other application you prefer)

Download RG
Download NF
Download UPL

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