Pluralsight – Using Cisco ACI with VMware vSphere Integration

Length 1h 17m With Project Files MP4

This course will show you how to use software defined networking with a virtualization solution in VMware vSphere. You will learn how to seamlessly manage policies for virtual machines with Cisco ACI.

Software Defined Networking is becoming an ever increasingly popular topic. With ACI you can use SDN technologies to manage your entire network, physical or virtual, from one management point. This course, Using Cisco ACI with VMware vSphere Integration, will build off the Fundamentals ACI course already on Pluralsight, but concentrates specifically on the seamless VMware integration into Cisco’s SDN technology, Application Centric Infrastructure. First you’ll learn about building VMM Domains in ACI with vCenter. Next, you’ll gain experience using the built in vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch as well as Cisco’s Application Virtual Switch. Finally, you’ll learn all about the ever infamous topic of micro-segmentation. By the end this course, you’ll know not only why this integration is important, but how to manage the policy of VMware end points the same way you would manage it for physical end points and even end points from other hypervisors.

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