Schoolism – Oil Painting with Thomas Fluharty
Schoolism – Rendering Reflective Surfaces with Scott Robertson
Schoolism – Painting with Light and Color with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo
Schoolism – Self-Taught Characters for Animated Film
Schoolism – Self-Taught Painting Creatures by Bobby Chiu
Schoolism – Self-Taught Drawing Fundamentals
Schoolism – Alien Portrait by Dave Rapoza
Schoolism – Advanced Lighting with Sam Nielson
Schoolism – Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes
Schoolism – Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu
Schoolism – Drawing Fundamentals with Thomas Fluharty
Schoolism – Fundamentals of Character Design with Stephen Silver
Schoolism – Introduction to Digital Painting with Andrew Hou
Schoolism – The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler
Schoolism – ZBrush with Michael Defeo




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  1. Folowing files are not present in folder:


  2. Thank you Enrich:)

    Can you also upload the missing files to rapidgator as well

    Schism_AdLightSamNielson pt 12, 13

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  3. Cheers mate, got the files.

    One more problem , and sorry to bother you but getting a checksum error extracting this file. Downloaded it twice to make sure as well, but problem persists:


    1. all i have, probably got corrupt in transfer somewhere along the line, you will just have to extract what you can, you should get 90% of it

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