Addison-Wesley Professional – React.js Fundamentals

Length 5h 3m MP4

ReactJS Fundamentals provides a conceptual understanding of React, an open-source JavaScript framework from Facebook, and gets you started with writing React code while utilizing advanced JavaScript and modern es6 features.

This video training covers vanilla React, as well as a refresher on some advanced JavaScript topics, and essential es6 features. You’ll first learn how to create a modern React toolchain. Next, the training covers the advanced JavaScript concepts that regularly pop up in React and the modern es6 features you’ll need to write more idiomatic React code. Next the training covers a conceptual understanding of React and will take an in depth look at how React’s virtual dom works. Starting in Lesson 6, you’ll dive into writing React code using the original create class syntax and will begin to look at the JSX. Next, you’ll see how to rewrite your earlier code using modern es6 features. From there, you’ll learn the remaining vanilla React topics such as component life cycle and state management. The training wraps up with a discussion on how you can tweak performance in React apps.

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