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77 thoughts on “Pluralsight Archive

  1. thanks for the great work you make …!!!.
    please add the teamtreehouse trainings when there is a new courses like you do with pluralsight.
    best regards

  2. Please consider using another host than Nitroflare,they are now limiting free download speed to 20kb,we don’t live in the 80’s.

  3. +1 thanks for taking the time to put up these tutorials.

    Alfafile and Bigfile are fine with speed, perhaps you can use them more instead of Nitroflare.

  4. wonderful, i came here to request the new tth php course and seems like it has already been requested.

    1. stop requesting ONLY php tutorials from teamtreehouse,they hava great tutorials we should be happy with all we get. and stop MAKING REQUESTS under different aliases making it sound like your are “MANY”.

  5. Hi, Ehrich many thanks for the great uploads. I would just like to point out that September for Rapidgator is missing Pt Intro to Vlans and Pt intro dynamic routing. There could be others from a different series. Thanks again.

  6. Hi, Enrich
    first of all i want to thank you for uploading all these tutorial, u don’t know how these tutorials help me a lot.
    I sincerely thank you for all these tutorial. I don’t have money to purchase all these courses, but i want learn.

    I sincerely request you to please upload Teamtreehouse – Threads and Services courses.
    Please, it will be a great help for me.

  7. EHRICH,

    Just wanted to tell you that your hard work is very much appreciated.

    I’m sure i speak for everyone when I say… THANK YOU!


  8. The september 2016 Pluralsight archive seems to be missing – or is it me?
    Could you reupload “Pluralsight – SOLIDWORKS Essentials – In-depth Drawings” (8th September 2016) to Nitroflare?
    Thanks a lot for your great work!

  9. Could you please post the WintellectNOW course “Getting Started with Angular and ASP.NET Core” 8 May 2017. This is part 6 of a series – all other parts are available here. In fact, all parts of all other multi-part WintellectNow courses are available here; this is the only course missing.

  10. Can you please reupload the course Pluralsight – Introduction to Workflow Development with VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO).

    thank you

  11. Thank you for your hard work. Much appreciated.

    Your latest work does not play in windows media player where you add your watermark to the videos. The same videos in the same series (mostly pluralsight) works just fine. Also the file size where the logo watermak is added is much larger compared to the real files released by the scene. I do prefer do get my videos here, but this forces me to look to other sites to get working video files.

    If you correct this I will be a happy returning visitor

    1. you have incorrect codec for video playback using WMP, use vlc and the video’s will play flawless, the video size is slightly increased, but not much. From what I can see the scene is not currently ripping pluralsight or lynda anymore. Once I get enough traffic to the site I will stop watermarking some of the tutorials, as I have free dl links and no advertising pop-ups etc you get a trade off with some tutorials watermarked.

      1. I am not able to use untrusted exe files, like vlc and other great players on the computer I have available.

        You are correct. I am now also having problems finding the video files on other scene sites. Non-english sites still provide the same courses though, but not as scene releases.

        To me the logic is the reverse. If you let people watch the videos without any issues, more people will visit your site. When they can’t – less people will visit. Continue to watermark your files, but please make sure that they play on a default windows 10 installaton. I do appreciate your hard work with this.

        1. all you need is a proper mp4 codec for your windows player and they will be perfect, the problem is with your pc, having a small watermark in the corner is no different from udemey lynda or gnonom to name a few. Only people who moan are those posting to other sites I have found.

          1. Thank you very much for your recent change for those files. I am able to play the videos using only a basic windows 10 computer with no additional software. Keep up your good work.

  12. Thanks a lot. This is amazing work.You must have put so much effort into it. I appreciate it. If you could Create A list of All the Tutorials,Games,Softwares in a page , it would remove a lot of hassle. Thanks Again!!

  13. I’m really not sure of we can request courses on here, so apologies if i’m not.
    But i’m looking for ‘Introduction to Mobile App Marketing’ from Pluralsight.
    Thank you.

  14. Hi, the ‘January 2015’ link it’s incorrect, it points to the ‘July 2015’ folder 🙂
    Thank you very much for all this awesome material and your work

  15. a few archive folders are completely empty. especially those i was interested in. exchange 2016.
    could you by any chance re-upload those?

  16. Missing:
    October 2017 – RG

    August 2017 – RG

      1. Ehrich could you by any chance post this? I wasn’t able to find it in the archive at all.

        He does a better job than the 2016 equivalent tutor. The 2016 course leaves out ocsp and delta’s completely. Which is a shame. Feature wise 2012 and 2016 don’t differ that much.

        Thank you! server 2012 rs certificate services L.html

  17. Please Upload
    Pluralsight – Windows 10 Configuring (70-697) Manage Data Access and Protection
    Links Are Dead In Original Topic & Pluralsight Archive

  18. Please Upload
    Pluralsight – Deploy Windows Devices and Apps (70-695): Application Compatibility
    Links Are Dead In Original Topic & Pluralsight Archive

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