Lynda – Ethical Hacking: Trojans and Backdoors

Length 1h 15m With Project Files MP4

It is crucial to maintain a network secure enough to prevent sophisticated attacks, especially if you are part of an enterprise organization. Some of the more dangerous threats to your systems are Trojans and backdoors, which get into computers and compromise the integrity of the system. Data leaks, dissemination, and destruction are just some of the unfortunate outcomes caused by such attacks. Join cybersecurity expert Lisa Bock in this course as she explains how to identify vulnerabilities in your system, and how to then take countermeasures to prevent unwanted access. Lisa explains how hackers can use a Trojan to penetrate a network and lists the methods and tools that they use. She follows up by sharing how you can perform ethical hacking of your own system to detect areas of susceptibility, so you can address the flaws and defend against attacks. She also discusses rootkits, SSDP amplification attacks, ICMP, and more. Note: Learning about ethical hacking for Trojans and backdoors is part of the Malware competency from the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) body of knowledge.




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