Packt Publishing – JSF Scopes and Navigation

Length 3h 15m MP4

Video Description

Demystify the complexities (and understand the aspects) of JavaServer Faces Scopes and Navigation

About This Video

Learn about the different aspects and types of scope in JavaServer Faces
Unleash the power of the three golden rules and also understand tips and tricks for JSF scopes
Master navigation in JavaServer Faces and also explore the different types of navigation technique
In Detail

This JSF Scopes and Navigation video is dedicated to helping you master how to control communication aspects in JSF. Definitely, communication is the core of a JSF application and is one of the main aspects that dictate its architecture. You will learn how to identify the main parts and understand how they communicate with one another and with the end user.

Learn and understand different scopes and their specific functionalities. Master the three golden rules. Find the logic relating views and outcomes. Differentiate between implicit and explicit navigation techniques. Absorb tips and tricks for navigation in JSF. Understand conditional navigation and also learn about declarative and programmatic conditional navigation. Investigate the null and void outcomes of conditional navigation. Learn about preemptive navigation. Implement




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