Lynda – CINEMA 4D R18 Essential Training: Product Visualization and Design

Length 4h 22m With Project Files MP4

Enrich your understanding of how to work with materials and lighting in CINEMA 4D (C4D), and see how to incorporate these techniques in your product visualization workflow. In this course, review core C4D concepts, discover how to work with models that are not in the native C4D format, and see how to build different kinds of materials—bumpy, luminous, reflective, and refractive—as well as how to work with existing materials on imported models. This course also shows how to work with cameras to create effects such as depth of field, how to use Global Illumination and other lighting methods to enhance the realism of your renders, and more.

This is an introductory course, but if you’re brand new to C4D, check out CINEMA 4D R18 Essential Training: The Basics. In that course, instructor Andy Needham starts from the very beginning, introducing you to the interface and other basic concepts to help you understand what C4D is and how it functions.




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