Packt Publishing – Complete Java SE 8 Developer Bootcamp

Length 11h 16m With Project Files MP4

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used in professional application development. As such, there is an extensive job market available to those who master its syntax. However, mastering a language as complex and vast as Java requires a developer to start with a solid programming foundation. This 12-hour course provides that foundation. Those who are looking to start a career in software development, or developers who are looking to increase their marketability by learning the nuts and bolts of Java, will benefit from taking this course. To start you on the “right track,” the course goes beyond basic syntax by including best practices and object-oriented programming idioms. In addition, the topics covered help prepare you for the Oracle Certified Associate, Java Programmer SE 8 exam (a certification which demonstrates to potential employers a fundamental level of proficiency with the language). However, do note that this course is just as appropriate for someone who is not interested in taking the exam. The course starts at the very beginning, teaching how to use the Java Eclipse IDE and the basic programming syntax, then moves through the language covering object-oriented programming and on through important modern Java concepts such as Lambdas. If you want to learn Java, this is the course for you!





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  1. Why are all the links premium? Not just in this release but other releases also.
    Please provide a few free download links….

  2. in section “Strings” the video “Pass By Value: Primitives” is missing
    Please add it as a single file download.

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