MAGIX Fastcut 3 Steam Edition

MAGIX Fastcut 3 Steam Edition

Fastcut quickly creates ready cut videos – perfectly in sync
with the beat of the music. Simply choose your clips and mark
the moments you would like to see in the video.

Fastcut does the rest, quickly and easily. The perfect program
for cool YouTube montages or short intros to Let’s Plays,

Fully equipped:

When you are in a hurry:

– Automatic video editing for your clips
– Top quality: Presettings for HD and 4K export
– For every mood: More than 60 dynamic templates including music
– Customized: Create your own templates from your favorite tracks
– Set highlights: Integrate your favorite scenes flawlessly and
automatically in your video
– Perfect sound: Remove background noise & add or delete camera sound
– Unrivalled look: Trendy effects & filters for every style
– Do It Yourself: Manual editing – for the perfect finishing touch
– As you wish: Show your video online or mobile – there are no limits





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