Lynda – Microsoft StaffHub Essential Training (updated Jul 31, 2017)

Length 1h 57m With Project Files MP4

There are millions of deskless workers around the world—in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, restaurants, and other service-related industries. Because these employees typically don’t have their own work computer, it can be difficult for them to access and share important information, and they often rely on manual tools like paper schedules and bulletin boards. Microsoft StaffHub allows users to create and manage shifts and schedules, and to disseminate important information to team members. In this course instructor Nick Brazzi shows managers and employees what they need to know to use StaffHub. He begins by showing how to create a team in StaffHub, invite employees to join teams, and organize employees staff into groups. Next, Nick covers all the aspects of work schedules—from how to create, modify, and view schedules to how employees can work together to cover shifts. He shows how to send messages to team members, share files with team members, and post communications using Day Notes. Lastly, Nick covers how to modify StaffHub settings to tailor it to your company and team.





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