Packt Publishing – From 0 to 1 : Spark for Data Science with Python

Length 8h 19m With Project Files MP4

Video Description

Get your data to fly using Spark for analytics, machine learning and data science​

About This Video

Music Recommendations using Alternating Least Squares and the Audioscrobbler dataset
Dataframes and Spark SQL to work with Twitter data
Using the PageRank algorithm with Google web graph dataset
Using Spark Streaming for stream processing
Working with graph data using the Marvel Social network dataset
In Detail

Get your data to fly using Spark for analytics, machine learning and data science Let’s parse that. What’s Spark? If you are an analyst or a data scientist, you’re used to having multiple systems for working with data. SQL, Python, R, Java, etc. With Spark, you have a single engine where you can explore and play with large amounts of data, run machine learning algorithms and then use the same system to productionize your code.Analytics: Using Spark and Python you can analyze and explore your data in an interactive environment with fast feedback. The course will show how to leverage the power of RDDs and Dataframes to manipulate data with ease. Machine Learning and Data Science : Spark’s core functionality and built-in libraries make it easy to implement complex algorithms like Recommendations with very few lines of code. We’ll cover a variety of datasets and algorithms including PageRank, MapReduce and Graph datasets.





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