Lynda – Sales: Closing a Complex Sale

Length 1h 33m With Project Files MP4

Complex sales have multiple influencers and stakeholders, and sometimes face multiple competitors. There are a lot of factors for the buyer to juggle. This complexity can lead to lost revenue, longer sales cycles, and unpredictable outcomes. By understanding the buyer’s problem and simplifying the value of your solution, you will be better positioned to close the deal. Watch this course with sales coach Jeff Bloomfield to find out how to systematically navigate the process of a complex sale, and receive the tactics and tools to increase your likelihood of sales success. Learn how to understand your buyers by examining their journey in a new way, and discover how to clearly articulate and defend the unique value of your product.

Topics include:
Simplifying the complex
Mapping the buyer journey
Identifying buyer objectives and challenges
Using insights to drive urgency to buy
Defining your compelling differentiation
Mapping your solution to the problem
Bridging the gap between problem and solution
Gaining commitment

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