Lynda – Scrivener Essential Training

Length 2h 7m With Project Files MP4

Writing long works like novels and dissertations can be a chaotic process. Scrivener—a popular writing software—can help authors research, write, edit, and publish long documents. Scrivener expert Laura Bergells shows how to get the most out of this powerful writing tool. She explores how to navigate the interface, plan a new project, and use the research folder to keep track of project-related assets. She covers the software’s writing and editing features. Finally, Laura goes into preset compilation options—and shows writers how they can share their work as a word processing file, a PDF document, or an ebook.

Topics include:
Navigating the interface
Creating a new project
Merging documents
Keeping track of characters and locations
Exploring writing tools
Managing footnotes, comments, and annotations
Reviewing project and text statistics
Exporting files
Compiling as an ebook using presets
Tips for sharing your work

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