Lynda – InfraWorks 360: Enhancing and Optimizing Roads

Length 2h 26m With Project Files MP4

InfraWorks software from Autodesk offers functionality that can help transportation planners and civil engineers efficiently plan and design roads. In this course, learn how to optimize and enhance roads within an InfraWorks model. Lynda Sharkey shows how to use style-based roads to more precisely control geometry and grades. In addition, she demonstrates how to create your own component assemblies that use vertical as well as horizontal geometry for more advanced capabilities, such as superelevation, as well as how to analyze and optimize the roads that you create.

Topics include:
Working with design roads
Creating and editing component roads
Enhancing your road designs
Converting an intersection into a roundabout
Analyzing and optimizing roads
Viewing and exporting earthwork and material quantities

Rapidgator 360 Enhancing and Optimizing Roads L.html




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