Lynda – Apple watchOS 4 App Development Essential Training

Length 3h 10m With Project Files MP4

There are over 2 million iOS apps available in the App Store, but less than 1% work on the Apple Watch. This underserved market is a great opportunity for Apple developers. Learn how to use your existing skills—plus the tools in Xcode 9 and watchOS 4—to create apps for Apple Watch. In this course, Steven Lipton shows you how to build a simple watchOS app, and then demonstrates the key differences from iOS, such as the watch picker, haptics, and the digital crown. Along the way, he shows how to create quick layouts with Interface Builder, navigate between controllers, enable dictation for text controls, and build tables. With these tips, you can quickly transition from iOS to watchOS app development and start entering the world of programming for wearable devices.

Topics include:
Principles of watchOS development
Adding buttons and labels to your app
Connecting objects to code
Testing a watchOS app
Laying out WatchKit UI objects
Adding navigation
Using Interface Library elements such as inputs, pickers, and media players
Creating tables
Working with table data

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