Lynda – Illustrator: Tracing Artwork (Nov 2017)

Length 1h 23m With Project Files MP4

Discover how to trace artwork in Adobe Illustrator and convert raster graphics—drawings, photos, and more—into vector form. This course shows how to perform auto tracing with the presets in the Image Trace panel and then expand tracing objects into vector paths. Instructor Justin Seeley also shows how to refine the artwork for best results using the Path Eraser and the Pen tools, and reset any typography. The course closes with a challenge video so you can practice your skills and compare your tracing results with Justin’s.

Topics include:
Working with Image Trace presets
Setting up artwork
Performing a basic trace with a preset
Erasing and adding paths
Refining paths with strokes and widths
Resetting typography

Rapidgator Tracing Artwork Nov 2017 L.html




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