Lynda – Editing a Spherical Panorama with Photoshop and After Effects

Length 42m With Project Files MP4

Spherical panoramas—360-degree photos—are becoming more popular, especially on social media. Enhancing these images is slightly more complex than traditional photography, as they are not flat images. This course demonstrates a step-by-step nondestructive process for editing and branding spherical panoramas. Instructor Chris Converse covers masking out the tripod; applying a two-dimensional logo, retouching, and color adjustments; and adding special effects. The technique uses After Effects and Photoshop, and a new Creative Cloud tool called SkyBox Suite. The exercise files are free, so you can follow along even if you don’t have a 360-degree camera.

Rapidgator a Spherical Panorama with Photoshop and After Effects L.html




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