Packt Publishing – Functional Programming in C# – Part 3

Length 1h 37m With Project Files MP4

Uncover the secrets of functional programming using C# and change the way you approach your applications forever

About This Video

This video focuses on the functional paradigm of C#, which will give you a whole new angle on coding with C#
It illustrates the advantages that functional programming brings to the table and the associated coding benefits
This practical course covers all the aspects of functional programming and provides solutions that can be applied in business scenarios
In Detail

Functional programming makes your application faster, improves performance, and increases your productivity. C# code is written at a higher level of abstraction, so that code will be closer to business requirements, abstracting away many low-level implementation details. This video will build on from part 1 and will help you develop a deep understanding of the concepts and practices of LINQ and recursion in C#. You will be introduced to concepts such as lazy evaluation and eager evaluation and will learn about its usage and benefits. From here, you will learn about Monads–the computational builder in Functional Programming and its usage. Going forward, you will learn to build a fully functional app by implementing the concepts learned in both the courses. By the end of the video, you will be able to write code using the best approach and will be able to perform unit testing in functional programming – changing how you write your applications and revolutionizing your projects.





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