Lynda – Building Solutions Using Excel and Access 2016 Together

Length 2h 19m With Project Files MP4

By combining the power of Microsoft Excel and Access 2016, you can build better end-user solutions and greatly enhance your own personal productivity. In this course, learn how to leverage Excel and Access, and get the most out of both tools working together. Robin Hunt shares strategies and techniques that can help you work smarter with these two programs, and avoid needing to manually rebuild each time you run reports by building solutions. Robin kicks off the course by reviewing how Excel and Access can be used together, and explaining how to build tables and calculate data in these two programs. She also explains how to work with imports and exports, automate using macros and the AutoExec, build forms and reports, and more.

Topics include:
How Excel and Access can work together
Using the Problem Steps Recorder
Leveraging screen capture tools
Building tables in Excel and Access
Creating basic queries using tables
Maintaining linked tables
Calculating in Excel versus Access
Building a basic form on Excel tables
Building macros to run on-demand queries
Generating datasets using parameters, queries, and macros

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