Lynda – Origami Studio for UX Design

Length 3h 35m With Project Files MP4

Developed by the designers at Facebook, Origami Studio is a free UX prototyping tool designed to bring your mobile and web project ideas to life. Join Tom Green as he shows how to create interactive prototypes that work on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers with Origami. First, learn the fundamentals of using Origami Studio layers and its unique system of patches—plug-and-play components for quickly adding interaction, animation, and behavior to your prototypes. From there you can learn how to add Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator content to your Origami Studio project and add interactivity, rich media, and motion. Then discover how to apply what you have learned to create a delightful variety of interactive prototypes and discover how to preview and test those prototypes on your devices.

Topics include:
Using patches
Importing content
Working with shapes and masks
Create scrollable components
Creating motion and animation
Using loops
Adding media and effects
Testing your prototypes
Sharing your project

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