Pluralsight – Build or Contribute to Documentation with a Git-based Workflow

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Documentation of software applications and packages is often an afterthought at best, and frequently forgotten altogether. Putting together some good, easy-to-navigate documentation that can be updated by the community in a controlled fashion can really help avoid questions and make your application or package easier to use. In this course, Build or Contribute to Documentation with a Git-based Workflow, you’ll explore a couple of options available to you, and then go into a full solution using Read the Docs by creating a documentation project. First, you’ll learn about the reStructuredText syntax for some of the key elements you’ll likely want to include in your documentation. Then, you’ll delve into setting up a CI/CD workflow by putting your documentation in GitHub and show the standard workflow for pull requests. Additionally, you’ll discover how to customize the look of your documentation, use Markdown, and have different versions of your documentation. Finally, you’ll explore self-hosting documentation and code in the event that a Read the Docs hosted site is not a good option for you. By the end of this course, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to efficiently create your own documentation projects, contribute to open source documentation, make pull requests, and know the hosting options available to you.

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