Packt Publishing – Learn C# With Windows Forms and SQL Server

Length 11h With Project Files MP4

Microsoft C# remains one of the most popular programming languages today. In this course, you get an introduction to the language, using code and graphical windows. This course uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community. You’ll learn about graphical objects like text boxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and numerous programming features like loops and variables, and many others. The video lessons are on average about 10 minutes long. This course is definitely best for those who are patient. Before purchasing please be sure to review the curriculum carefully so you can be 100% sure this is the right course for you. On the bottom is a fairly complete database project, illustrating advanced coding techniques. Each video is in HD, and project files can be downloaded from GitHub. The link needed is stored under lesson resources. Thank you for reading, and let’s get coding!





One thought on “Packt Publishing – Learn C# With Windows Forms and SQL Server

  1. Thanks for the upload but there appear to be several files / videos missing, such as ‘File copier project, part 2’ in ‘8 – Miscellaneous’ and a few in ‘8 – Database project’. Is there a way to get this fixed?

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