Gumroad – Houdini Procedural Lake Houses Volume 4

Length 3h 12m With Project Files MP4

About the course:

In these tutorial series, we will be creating procedural lake houses in Houdini all the way from generating the main silhouette to creating the final shaders and placing setdressing.

Volume 4 – Chapter 3

In the Volume 4, we will address the wall and roof patterns, which include wall borders, horizontal and vertical wood patterns, scales and shingles. We will learn how to control the randomization by introducing user-defined seed pools as well as we will tackle generation and offset of the UV coordinates with VEX and correctly placing the result geometry with accordance to the original orientation and location. When building the network, we will aim to create an organic and natural-looking outcome by using various deformations in our generators.

The product includes the project files needed for this course.




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  1. Great site! Thank you for posting such a great content.
    Do you have a plane to publish Houdini Procedural Lake Houses Volume 5? I see that you already have previus 4 volumes and the last one was uploaded quite recently.

    Thanks in advance.

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