Manning Publications – ES6 in Motion

Length 7h 14m MP4



Video Description
“This course is a fantastic dive into the features of ES6. The instructor is an expert on the material, and does a wonderful job in breaking down complex material into easy-to-understand concepts.”
Peter Lawrence, Software Developer

ES6 in Motion is a unique video course that guides you through the most powerful ES6 features, like promises, arrow functions, and modules, giving you opportunities to practice and explore as you go. This self-paced tutorial includes over 7 hours of video teaching, neatly broken into digestible 5-7 minute lessons. If you’ve been struggling to wrap your head around ES6, or you’re just looking for a fast way to level-up your JavaScript, it’s time to get moving.
ES6, aka ECMAScript 2015, is the latest JavaScript language standard, offering dozens of powerful new language features. ES6 introduces proper classes, template strings, types, full support for Unicode, and more. For developers working with Node on server-side applications, the ES6 support for promises, arrow functions, and modules is a game-changer. ES6 keeps the simplicity and reliability you love about JavaScript, and adds the high-value professional language features you’ve been craving.

What you will learn:

Use arrow functions to write functional code
Clean apps using modules, classes, and variable scoping
Master asynchronous programming with promises
Rebuild arrays and objects with destructuring

This course is suitable for developers comfortable with using client-side JavaScript or Node.js.





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