Pluralsight – Building Your First App with Spring Boot and Angular

Length 2h 21m With Project Files MP4



Spring Boot and Angular have forever changed how web applications are built. Understanding how they work is essential for any full-stack developer. In this course, Building Your First App with Spring Boot and Angular, you will learn how to work with both of these technologies and how to integrate them together. First, you’ll create a Spring Boot API application from scratch. Next, you’ll create and build a modern Angular component based UI that will integrate with Spring Boot. Finally, you’ll learn how to secure Angular and Spring Boot to create a full fledged, real world application. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have developed and built a full stack Spring Boot and Angular app from the ground up and have enough skills to begin developing and working on your own applications with these technologies.
Folder Links Your First App with Spring Boot and Angular L.html

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